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AIM Reusable Packaging (AIM RPK) is a personalized, detail-oriented solutions company specializing in reusable products. We strive to uphold our strong values with integrity and to prioritize the interests of our clients. We’ve been in business for over 30 years because we truly care about the success of our clients.

Reusable Packaging: A Sustainable Solution

Be a leader in sustainability with reusable packaging. Reusable packaging reduces the environmental impact of supply chains, offers companies a long, useful life of their packaging (usually years), and creates a truly circular supply chain. It’s understandable that companies want to move away from single-use packaging practices but aren’t sure how to get started. Our expertise in reusable packaging allows us to provide recommendations and solutions to make a circular supply chain possible for any company looking to reap the benefits of reusable packaging.

Our History

AIM was founded in 1990 by Thomas (Tom) Stafford, EMBA 1989. Before starting AIM, Tom had extensive sales/engineering experience with reusable packaging companies such as Menasha Corporation, Lewis Systems (Orbis), Buckhorn, Plastech International (Rotonics Manufacturing, Inc.), and Snyder Plastics. Working in multiple roles from marketing representative to vice president of sales, he discovered that there was no individual manufacturer providing everything a company needs to support their reusable packaging system, so he created AIM Reusable Packaging in 1990 to meet the growing reusable packaging needs of companies and industries.


In 2023, AIM was purchased by Scott Stafford, Tom’s son. Scott has a professional background in finance combined with extensive sales experience in multiple industries. Working in official and unofficial roles with Tom, Scott gained expertise in reusable packaging and deep knowledge in the running of AIM. Scott looks forward to serving existing and new AIM customers.

AIM has been providing reusable packing solutions for over 30 years and can boast the most highly trained packaging specialists in the industry. Contact us for an in-plant analysis of your total reusable packaging needs.

Case Studies

Richelieu Foods, Inc.

Richelieu Foods, Inc.

Installation Story


Oshkosh Corporation

Reusable Packaging Solutions and Applications


Easy, Efficient, and Professional

The divider bins have been a great option for storing parts, especially Oshkosh sized parts. They are very rigid and easy to organize, especially when divided. Our operation is very organized thanks to these bins. Procuring these through AIM was very easy, efficient, and professional.

Oshkosh Corporation

Ferrara Candy Company

An Excellent Experience

Your team did a great job with the new hoppers. The factory team is really happy with the results obtained on the New Hopper project. Working with you is definitely an excellent experience, when customer service and attention of details is required AIM team is definitely the team you wants to work with.

Willy Wonka Candy Factory


Successful Results

Mercury has been working with Laura at AIM Reusable Packaging for a few years. Our experience is Laura has always been very responsive to our requests and professional in our dealings. We have worked through the development of new packaging on several items with successful results including the reorder of items. We have also used AIM Reusable Packaging for the purchase of like-new condition containers and for the cleaning and repair of some returnable containers for which the results have been a favorable experience.

Mercury Marine

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