Agricultural Bins & Trays

The consumer’s demand for the highest quality agricultural products has never been as high as they are right now. Aim Reusable Packaging has the right fit for your organization. Whether you are growing anything from potatoes, onions, cannabis, ginseng, fruit, etc. we have the bin or tray best suited for the application/process/product. Because AIM is a manufacturer’s rep we are able to “put the round peg in the round hole” and not “make it work”! Meeting USDA/FDA standards AIM Reusable Packaging bins can be cleaned/sterilized and are UV protected for outdoor use.

Bins/trays can be used for every aspect from in field, cold storage, work in progress to distribution of the product. Aim Reusable Packaging trays are designed and engineered to withstand any environment. They will not rot, mold, or corrode making them supply chain efficient and affordable. The smooth interior ensures the least amount of damage to your fruits and vegetables. All of AIM’s bin(s) are environmentally efficient and can be completely recycled at the end of their life.

AIM Reusable Packaging carries the bin that is right for you from solid to vented and all different designs of trays. Just because that is the way it was always done does not make it the best way. Please contact us at our website for your no cost consultation from one of our packaging experts.

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