AIM Reusable Packaging’s bi-color stack and nest plastic totes offer instant identification of empty (nested) or loaded (stacked) status.  Ideal for lean or color-coded manufacturing system.   Perfect for a wide range of food, manufacturing and distribution applications.  Bi-colored totes are available in a wide variety of dimensions.    Standard footprints  15”x12”, 24”x15”, 24”x22” with various heights standard on some models.  Other sizes available.

  • Stack when loaded to protect contents, nest when empty with a 180 Degree turn for a 50% space savings
  • Modular to accommodate a 48” to a 45” plastic pallet
  • All bi-color totes come with drain holes
  • Available with solid or vented sidewalls and/or solid vented bottom
  • Open handles for easy gripping (ergonomic)
  • Smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning and label applications
  • Interior straight walls allow maximum internal/external space utilization