Customer Story- Custom Reusable Plastic Sleeve Pack System for Alliance Laundry

AIM Reusable Packaging has recently designed and helped implement a custom reusable plastic sleeve pack system for Alliance Laundry (Speed Queen). Alliance Laundry uses the container for lightweight plastic parts coming in from suppliers and between their manufacturing facilities.

Reusable plastic corrugated sleeve packs are an alternative to cardboard boxes/gaylords and standard sized plastic knockdown bulk boxes. These units are heavy duty but significantly lighter than plastic bulk containers. The weight reduction cuts transportation costs. The sleeves, also known as sidewalls, can be collapsed when empty and saving significant space. The collapsed sleeve can be placed between the bottom pallet and the top cap, or stacked in a separate stack. This leads to a higher return ratio in comparison to standard bulk containers, saving several truck trips between supplier and manufacturer.

Plastic corrugated sleeves and other types of plastic material sleeves are far more durable than paperboard, able to withstand wet conditions if left outdoors. The units can last up to 10 years and longer, depending on the use, application, and proper handling procedures.

The sleeve is fitted into a thermoformed plastic HDPE mirror image pallet and can have drop drawers for easier access into the bin. Optional slide locks and seatbelts are available.

Interested in having a reusable plastic sleeve pack system custom made for your company? We create custom reusable packaging systems for many types of applications and uses. Contact AIM for details.

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