Custom Reusables Made Easy

Cut and Weld

AIM Reusable Packaging can modify standard size containers or pallets to make them fit your needs. Modify knock down bulk bins to fit your specific application. We custom modify virtually any plastic containers so the square peg can fit in the square hole.

Custom Reusable Shipping Totes/Trays

AIM Reusable Packaging will provide solutions to your unique reusable packaging needs. Whether your packaging demands custom injection, structural, rotational, thermo-forming, or plastic lumber, AIM will handle it. Custom trays will protect you part to ensure it makes it to the destination with no damage. Custom trays allow you to maximize packaging saving you money on shipping costs.

Plastic Corrugated Dunnage

AIM Reusable Packaging will design and build anything you need. Go green with the custom design packaging professionals. Our plastic corrugated dividers and partitions are designed to fit your existing containers or AIM Reusable Packaging custom-designed totes. Each is custom designed and manufactured to perfectly contain and protect your product. AIM’s foam packaging can stand alone or be integrated into the dividers or packaging to better protect even the most delicate products.

Custom Plastic Lumber

Manufactured from 100% recycled rigid PVC plastic and made to your exact specifications and assembled with Stainless Steel screws. Longer life span than traditional wood pallets with replacement parts available for repairs. Repels water and is resistant to contamination and bug infestation. Custom plastic lumber pallets are extreme fire and flame retardant.

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