Closed deck export 3-runner pallet

Export nestable pallet

AIM Reusable Packaging nestable/stackable plastic export pallets are economical “one way” export pallets which meet EU, Canadian and Asian customs requirements. Fully recyclable plastic, they are easy to clean and do not require fumigation as in the case of wood pallets. They will not increase in weight, harbor pests or sustain water damage, eliminating the expensive risks of refused entry or lengthy customs delays. Fully nestable pallets allow for maximum space savings. The 4-way entry design of all our export pallets provides easy access during handling.

DescriptionDimensionsHeightWeightTruck LoadDynamic LoadStatic Load
Export Nestable&48″x40″&5.5″&17 lb.&2,250&2,000&4,500
330 Nestable Export&48″x40″&5.5″&23 lb.&1,560&2,200&5,000
XR Closed Deck Nestable Export Pallet&48″x40″&5.12″&21.5 lb.&1,620&2,200&7,500
XR Closed Deck 3-Runner Export Pallet&48″x40″&5.75″&27.5 lb.&585&2,200&7,500
  • Our export nestable plastic pallets often times are less money than comparable wood pallets.
  • Export nestable/stackable plastic pallets are available in many styles and sizes at various price ranges.