Guide to Plastic Pallets

You are ready to make the switch to plastic pallets, but what is the right one for you? The choices can be overwhelming. Rackable, stackable, nestable, export, and roll are just a few of the terms you will be faced with when you are looking to make the change. Let AIM Reusable Packaging help guide you through the process of selecting the pallet that is right for your needs.


Why choose AIM’ Reusable Packaging “rackable pallets”? Floor space is money and becoming more of a commodity. AIM Reusable Packaging Rackable pallets optimize storage and reduce the chance of product damage by sitting on the floor where your products are exposed. Pallets that can span an open area of shelving and supported on the runners are considered rackable. They are some of the strongest pallets on the market, having to support the weight on the runners. That is why watching the rackable weight they can support is so important. Plastic pallets are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle and are completely green.


Many pallets descriptions contain the word “stackable”, this simple means that they have features that make them safe and secure to stack. There is a wide range of ways that manufacturers can accomplish this. The pallets can have a lip that matches a groove on the pallet below or they can be completely nestable. Whatever design feature they use to make them stackable the benefit to you is they take up less of that costly floor space when not in use. You can eliminate the leaning tower of wooden pallets that is a danger to anyone that is near it. AIM Reusable Packaging will help you with the best choice for your needs.


Nestable pallets are designed with feet that allow them to “nest” with the pallet below it. By the very way they are designed nestable pallets are also stackable. The nesting feature is a huge money saver when it comes to storing and transporting. In the same space that you can store or ship 12 wooden pallets you can have 60 nestable pallets, the return on investment is quickly realized with nestable pallets. They help you eliminate the “Leaning Tower of Pisa” of wooden Pallets and increase safety.


Commonly known as “export” or “one way” they are lightweight. Do not mix up the words lightweight and weak. AIM Reusable Packaging’s Export pallets are capable of holding as much if not more than their heavy wooden counterparts. Export pallets can also be outfitted with runners to increase the strength. They can be nested and stacked saving money during storage and transporting.


Roll pallets allow a safe way to store and ship your product that can’t safely be done on a traditional flat pallet. Roll pallets are commonly used for paper, film, foil or any material in a cylinder shape. They are specifically engineered in their design to “cradle” the roll without damaging it. Roll pallets are often rackable and stackable improving storage and handling.

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