Lumber and Resin Prices Increasing

As most companies are increasing production to get back to “normal” levels, unfortunately resin price continues to increase every month. While prices continue to increase supply is decreasing and Lead times escalate. While resin is again being produced, more pellets are being melted than are still being produced in the US, so the supply is decreasing by the day.

As the Lumber market continues to skyrocket in costs now is the time to replace the expensive wood pallets with durable reusable plastic pallets. Plastic pallets offer many benefits such as won’t rot, FDA approved, no harsh chemical to treat, and won’t get bug infested.

Refurbished plastic knock down bulk bins (commonly called Orbis bins, Buckhorn containers, combos, collapsible bulk boxes, Zytec or Ropak) are more cost effective compared to new ones as resin prices continue to increase. Refurbished bulk containers offer all the benefits of new at a fraction of the investment.

As we round the corner on Coronavirus, the time is NOW to place the order so production can continue and deadlines can be met. Contact one of our packaging experts to today.

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