A single piece polyethylene hopper is nested in a metal frame to form the AIM Reusable Packaging RM Hopper. Available in two sizes, 24 and 45 cubic feet, AIM Reusable Packaging RM Hoppers have become a standard in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

The polyethylene hopper is compatible with a wide range of chemical compounds and meets applicable FDA requirements. Its lever locking lid is a perfect moisture seal and tamper resistant device.

Lighter in weight than stainless steel hoppers, the RM style hopper streamlines material handling and eliminates the disposal costs of bulk bags. Contents are discharged through an 8″ opening at bottom flange allowing a large variety of optional discharge valves.

RM Hoppers can be customized to fit your special requirements if need be.

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Product DescriptionProduct NumberMaximum
Outside Dimensions
Including FrameL”x W” x H”
RM-1340 Hopper
with Metal Stand
01-210-1340-001-85056″ x 48″ x 57″24180358
RM-1350 Hopper
with Metal Stand
01-210-1350-001-85056″ x 48″ x 76″330425193


Standard Features


Blue Epoxy Painted Carbon Steel Frame With 2-Way
Forklift Access
21 1/2″ Lever Locking Top Lid and Ring for Moisture Tight
Seal and Security
Color Graphics
8″ Opening at Bottom Flange Allowing Various Valve OptionsStainless Steel Frame
60 Degrees Slope Permitting Easy Discharge of powdersPolyethylene Hopper Can Be Purchased Separately
Polyethylene Hopper Can Be Purchased Separately

Valve Options:*8″ Mucon Iris Valve

  • Quick Disconnect or Bolt-On
  • Food Grade Rubber Diaphragm
  • Nylon Diaphragm
  • Food Grade Sleeve
  • Transit Cover

*Polyethylene Slide Gate Valve with Optional Sock


*Stainless Steel Slide Gate Valve

(Bolt-On or Quick Disconnect Option)