New Hand Held Collapsible Tote Special

AIM Reusable Packaging is having specials like New Hand Held Collapsible Totes.  These 15 gallon Collapsible Totes provide sufficient space for materials and parts for just $12 per Tote! Plastic Collapsible Totes are durable for storing products and saving space when collapsed down. To minimize transportation costs, these totes have a collapsible K.D. ratio of 4:1, designed to quickly collapse down to save space. These totes help reduce shipping and storage costs for multiple different industries including the automotive, food, manufacturing and many more.

Plastic Collapsible Totes are stackable, making it easier for users to maximize shipping space. Also it allows the totes from shifting or moving throughout the moving process. Pinch & Snap Latches give the totes quick and easy access between usage and storage. These latches are simple to use and help speed up and simplify the collapsing process. Collapsing these totes to just 3” in height, gives them maximal stacking and storage possibilities. Pinch & Snap latches are used for drop down doors on the handle sides of the totes as well, giving users easier access to reaching products inside. These effective characteristic of Collapsible Totes help simplify work for all users.

AIM Reusable Packaging’s Collapsible Tote special will come in the color grey. These Collapsible Totes are measured at: 23 ¾” x 15 ¾” x 11 ¾”. They can hold a load capacity of 100lbs. A minimum order of 50 Collapsible Totes is needed to receive the special.

Learn more about the special on Collapsible Totes by contacting an AIM Reusable Packaging Manufacturer Representative at (920) 729-0696 for more details. For information on other plastic reusable packaging that AIMs has to offer at

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