New Handheld Collapsible Tote Special

AIM Reusable Packaging is having a special offer on New Handheld Collapsible Totes. These 15-gallon collapsible totes are just $12 per tote, and have plenty of room for materials and parts. Collapsible plastic totes are durable to store products and save space when folded. To minimize shipping costs, these totes come with a collapsible knockdown ratio of 4:1, and are designed to fold quickly and save space. These containers help reduce transportation and storage costs in a variety of industries, including automotive, food, and manufacturing.

The collapsible plastic totes are stackable to maximize shipping space. Also, it allows the collapsible totes from shifting or moving throughout the shipping process. A pinch and snap closure allows quick and easy access between use and storage. These latches are easy to use and help speed up and simplify the collapsing process. Fold these bins to just 3 inches high for maximum stacking and storage options. Pinch and snap closures are also used on drop down doors on the handle side of the bins to allow users easy access to the products inside. These effective characteristics of the foldable tote make the work easier for all users.

AIM Reusable Packaging’s Collapsible Tote special will come in the color grey. These Collapsible Totes are measured at: 23 ¾” x 15 ¾” x 11 ¾”. They can hold a load capacity of 100lbs. 

Learn more about the special on Collapsible Totes by contacting an AIM Reusable Packaging Manufacturer Representative at (920) 729-0696, or discover more about AIM and our reusable packaging services.

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