AIM Reusable Packaging’s versatile line of cylindrical bottom and side discharge hoppers provide a large variety of fill options.  Constructed of food grade and chemical resistant polyetheyne. These rugged hoppers are extremely durable but less expensive than stainless steel.  Smooth bottled interiors allow for easy material flow, light weight designs are easy to move in transport.

Side Discharge Hopper

  • 25 degree discharge angle and 6” opening.
  • Base design allows 2-way forklift/pallet jack entry.
  • Simplified valve system.
  • Stackable 3-high full.
  • Accessories available include iris valve or slide gate discharge valve.

Bottom Discharge Hopper

  • All plastic hopper with separate, double wall base.
  • Lighter weight than conventional metal hoppers.
  • Eliminates metal corrosion.
  • Top fill opening and bottom discharge allow fast filling and dispensing.
  • Innovative design permits access to valve without reaching under hopper.
  • Optional built-in label holder.
  • 4 way forklift or pallet truck entry.
  • Extra thick corners and floor resist impact and wear.
  • Stackable 2-high with maximum 1,500 lbs.


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