Plastic Corrugated Dunnage

AIM Reusable Packaging will design and build anything you need. Go green with the custom design packaging professionals. Our plastic corrugated dividers and partitions are designed to fit your existing containers or AIM Reusable Packaging custom-designed totes. Each is custom designed and manufactured to perfectly contain and protect your product. AIM’s foam packaging can stand alone or be integrated into the dividers or packaging to better protect even the most delicate products.

Waterjet Cutting

Class A Surface Protection


Class A Surface Protection

Whether your parts are in transit through the supply chain or used in work in progress (WIP) applications, AIM will protect your Class A surfaces, keeping them in pristine condition. Be assured that your reusable packaging will be designed, engineered and manufactured with product surface protection in place.

Protective Materials

Safeguard your products against scratching and staining with AIM’s laminates, which include Spunbond, Evelon, Brushed Nylon, Suede, XLPE, Tyguard/Tyvek, and Polyurea Coating.

Why AIM?

As an independent manufacturers’ representative group formed in 1990, we market many different producers of reusable packaging.

Refurbished Inventory

AIM’s inventory is constantly changing; please contact us directly for refurbished products.

Container Management

AIM will help your business cut waste, eliminate risk, and get your reusable packaging organized!