With AIM Reusable Packaging Plastic IBC collapsible intermediate bulk containers we set the standard for secure storage and transport of bulk liquid and semi- solid materials.

  • Sized to handle 302 gallons/3000 pounds of product.
  • Stacks up to 5 high for long-term outdoor storage.
  • Structural foam molded for superior strength.
  • Perfect for food handling, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and other non-hazardous liquid product handling applications.
  • Compatible with form fitted and pillow style liners.
  • Eliminates one-way packaging and waste disposal costs.
  • The 48”x 45”x46” footprint cubes out warehouses, trailers, and railcars reducing wasted storage space by up to 40%.
  • Internal sump area enables fast unhindered flow for emptying.
  • Many other sized and styled IBC’s available.

IBC’s are injection molded of food grade polypropylene and have completely smooth surfaces to satisfy the strictness hygienic standards.  There are collapsible, reusable, clean and cost effective throughout the entire handling process.  Their low tare weight helps minimize costs and their durable construction tolerates temperature ranges  0 to 140 F.

Available in 3 sizes:

267 gallon – 48.6”x44.7”x41.9”

295 gallon – 48.6”x44.7”x45.6”

315 gallon – 48.6”x44.7”x48.0”

IBC’s can handle different fluids under different conditions.  IBC’s can also be used for dry products such as powders, granulates and flakes.

  • Design to withstand the tough demands, including filling under pressure, long-term outdoor storage, rail transport and hot fill applications.
  • Available in solid and bottom discharge versions.
  •  Lid stacks with the boxes when collapsed.
  • Compatible with form fit and style liners.
  • Many other sized and styled IBC’s available.