Plastic Pallets: History and Options

Why should you use a plastic pallet? Are you able to have a closed loop system? Does your customer or your quality team require it for food safety concerns? Are you shipping your product to a country that does not allow wood from outside countries? Once we are able to determine your situation, we can better formulate a plan as to which plastic pallet you should be looking at. Understanding that in some cases, it doesn’t make sense to switch to a plastic pallet. At AIM Reusable Packaging we are first and foremost here to help our customers and guide them to something that makes sense for either productivity and/or cost.

Brief History on Plastic Pallets
The exact beginning of the plastic pallet is not well documented. It is widely thought that Fred Robinson of Robinson Industries was a key figure in brining the plastic pallet to the mainstream. From there it really took off with different manufacture techniques ranging from, plastic injection, thermoformed (vacuum formed), structural foam and even fiberglass reinforced pallets. In the decades that proceeded the first plastic pallet there has been lots of R&D put into how we can make a pallet stronger, stiffer, more durable and lighter (various different resins). There have also been advancements in specific additives that are introduced in the manufacturing process, like fire retardant and freezer additives.

Why Choose AIM?
When it comes to delving into the details for your plastic pallets, AIM has the history and knowledge to offer the best plastic pallet for your specific needs. With so many options out there, it can be very daunting on how to decide which one will work best for your specific application. Are you looking for an inexpensive one-way, export, nestable pallet or possibly a heavy-duty structural foam metal reenforced pallet? What sets AIM apart from others is our attention to detail, follow-up and meeting with our customers in person (assuming it makes sense for everyone involved) to ensure we can see and understand clearly what is needed for your company.

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