Plastic Pallets vs Wood Pallets

Plastic pallets vs wood pallets

Pallets are the most important part of materials and goods handling. The 2 primary types of pallets are plastic and wood. Of these 2 types plastic is the most sustainable and green to use. While plastic pallets are seen as the more expensive option, the extra costs are outweighed by the keeping your product well ventilated and not exposed to bacteria or chemicals.

Plastic pallets

*Can be cleaned with steam or high pressure washers
*Ideal for exporting (satisfies all requirements)
*Extreme fire and flame resistance
*Many major insurance companies offer discounts for using
*Resistant to bug infestation
*Offers bar coding and RFID tacking capabilities
*Recycled,green and sustainable
*Custom colors

Wood Pallets

*Contain nails are easy to break, splinter, and cause injuries
*Very difficult to clean
*If (when) they become wet actually encourage growth of bacteria
*Continual reordering costs

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