Plastic Repairs by AIM Reusable Packaging

AIM Reusable Packaging not only specifies and supplies new reusable packaging products, AIM also repairs plastic collapsible bulk bins and vats – mixing and matching along with plastic welding. In addition to this, AIM repairs other items such as plastic corrugated sleeve packs and makes certain adjustments.

A recent example is replacing drop gates on a plastic corrugated sleeve on several hundred units as they were inadvertently cut off. The unit was made from 10mm polypropylene material, so we cut sheets to drop drawer size and heat welded to base of sleeve with two 5mm PP gray strips heat welded to the exterior of the sleeve and (4) sets of 2″x7″ hook and loop applied. In addition, a green colored permanent adhesive strip was placed over the existing orange strip on the mirror image pallet, as the company was repurposing the plastic corrugated sleeve packs for another part they were producing and shipping. The company was able to get all the sleeve packs back into utilization, saving substantial dollars on new purchasing new units.

This is one major difference between AIM Reusable Packaging and many other reusable packaging companies- AIM will take the time to look at your project or situation, and try to find a workable, cost-effective solution while paying attention to the details. In many cases, this is achieved by a personal visit to your facility. Contact AIM to learn more about how our reusable packaging services can help your company.

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