AIM Reusable Packaging offers a variety of products to suit your needs. We specialize in:

  • New Knockdown Plastic Bulk Boxes
  • Fixed Wall Plastic Bulk Containers
  • Sleeve Packs
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Plastic Lockers
  • Plastic Dunnage – Corrugated & Foam
  • Plastic Tilt Trucks and Plastic Mobile Carts
  • Metal Containers
  • Custom Cut & Weld
  • Plastic Hoppers
  • Drums & Batch Cans
  • Handheld Container Systems
  • Custom Reusable Shipping / Totes / Trays / Pallets
  • Used / Refurbished Knockdown Plastic Bulk Boxes

We also offer full service container management, including:

  • Repair
  • Recycling
  • Recirculate / Cleaning

With so many options out there, it can be very daunting to decide what will work best for your specific application. What sets AIM apart from others is our attention to detail, follow-up and meeting with our customers in person (assuming it makes sense for everyone involved) to ensure we can see and understand clearly what is needed for your company. Contact us to schedule your consultation.