Plastic Hoppers

Whether you need an all plastic hopper or a plastic hopper with a metal frame, AIM Reusable Packaging’s versatile line of cylindrical bottom and side discharge hoppers provide a large variety of fill options. Constructed of food grade and chemical resistant polyetheyne, these rugged hoppers are extremely durable but less expensive than stainless steel.  Smooth bottled interiors allow for easy material flow, and the lightweight designs are easy to move in transport. AIM has bottom and side discharge hoppers with various angles, and are available with different openings, discharge, and lid sizes as we can custom build to meet your needs. 

AIM’s line of hoppers includes a custom designed hopper available for the confectionery industry.

Side Discharge Hopper
  • 25 degree discharge angle and 6” opening.
  • Base design allows 2-way forklift/pallet jack entry.
  • Simplified valve system.
  • Stackable 3-high full.
  • Accessories available include iris valve or slide gate discharge valve.
Bottom Discharge Hopper
  • All plastic hopper with separate, double wall base.
  • Lighter weight than conventional metal hoppers.
  • Eliminates metal corrosion.
  • Top fill opening and bottom discharge allow fast filling and dispensing.
  • Innovative design permits access to valve without reaching under hopper.
  • Optional built-in label holder.
  • 4 way forklift or pallet truck entry.
  • Extra thick corners and floor resist impact and wear.
  • Stackable 2-high with maximum 1,500 lbs.
Metal Frame Discharge Hoppers
  • Lightweight two-piece unit includes a single piece FDA approved polyethylene hopper set in a polyethylene base.
  • Seven cubic capacities along with numerous lid style options represent the diversity needed to meet specific handling requirements.
  • Exended leg options are available to accomodate taller valve assemblies.
  • Compact styling combined with an efficient stacking design makes it ideally suited for shipping and storing bulk materials.
  • 30 degree slope allows for complete discharge of solids and tablets.
  • As opposed to stainless steel, the polyethylene base reduces threat of damage to walls and floors during handling and movement throughout the plant.
  • Can be customized to fit your special requirements.
Front Discharge Hoppers
  • Specifically designed for storing and discharging dry products.
  • From pharmaceutical tablets to coffee beans or even wrapped chocolates, this 30 degree sloped hopper allows for smooth and complete discharge of bulk solids.
  • Made out of FDA compliant premium polyethylene, seamless and lightweight, and also makes them strong and durable at a much lower cost alternative to stainless steel.
  • Stackable to maximize floor space.
  • Featuring exceptional interior smoothness and rounded edges, they are easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Built-in slide gate eliminates the cost of a separate valve.
  • Can be customized to fit your special requirements.
Low Profile Hoppers
  • Ideal for use in the confectionery, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing industries.
  • Because of its heavy duty design and built-in metal kick plates around all 4 legs, this hopper is designed to withstand the rigors of production.
  • 45.5″ x 45.5″ footprint, 32.50″ high
  • Stacking posts added for stable and efficient safety stacking
  • 2 placard holders
  • 7″ bottom discharge opening engineered for an iris valve
  • Approx 125 gal
  • Approx 17 cubic feet
  • FDA/USDA Approved
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