CLEANING – With repetitive use your plastic reusable containers/ dunnage become soiled. Frequency of cleaning will depend upon your corporations policy on esthetics and/or the sensitively of the packaged product to dirt, dust, oil and other elements. In a system where labels are used to track containers/dunnage, label removal becomes necessary. Without periodic removal of labels the containers become unsightly and shipping errors may result. AIM Reusable Packaging, LLC., can clean, sanitize and remove pressure sensitive labels.


PACKAGING CONTROL (Tracking )- The knowledge of how many reusable containers are in your system and there location is a vital element to effectively shipping your product. With a comprehensive custom designed Logistics Program, AIM can provide your corporation with a report stating the following:

A. Total number of reusable containers/dunnage in your system:
B. Total number of containers/dunnage removed from your system; (Includes Recycling).
C. AIM can track where your container has been, where it is now, and where it should be at any given point and time.