AIM’s Repair/Cleaning/Recycling program for Plastic Reusable Packaging

Step 1: Mixing & Matching

Every collapsible bin that we receive will be taken apart,
disassembled and inspected. Parts we see to be fit for use
and in good condition will be kept and assembled until we
have as many complete units.

Step 2: Plastic Welding

Once assembled, units and parts with cracks and fork
punctures will be tended to. Our plastic welders will ensure
to return your collapsible bins back to an acceptable and
workable condition.

Step 3: Cleaning

Dirt and grime have a tendency to build up over time, and
it is key in many environments to maintain cleanliness. We
want to ensure you receive your bins back free of dust, grease, oil and other foreign
elements so we make it our mission to clean every container we receive before it is
returned. We can even work with FDA/USDA approved cleaners and sanitizers per your
special request.

Step 4: Recycling

What cannot be repaired AIM will recycle and credit your account a predetermined amount
based on current market conditions. Credits will be used towards future purchases.

Please call us today for any of your welding, cleaning, and recycling needs! 

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