Reusable Packaging Solutions and Services

Our Aim Is to Bring Ease and Convenience to your Reusable Packaging Solutions

AIM Reusable Packaging is a full service reusable packaging company specializing in consultations and  personalized recommendations. Since we’re not locked in to any particular company or brand, we can recommend the best products and options for your specific application, and we can offer manufacturer’s products at less than the manufacturer’s pricing due to our strong buying power and long-term business relationships. In addition to selling new reusable plastic containers and dunnage, AIM stocks used and refurbished knockdown containers, and we offer repairs in our Wisconsin warehouse. 

Reusable Packaging: A Sustainable Solution

Reusable packaging systems play an important role in reducing the environmental impact of supply chains. In addition to offering companies a long, useful life of their packaging (usually years), reusable packaging creates a sustainable circular model. AIM’s expertise enables us to provide the solutions necessary to make a circular supply chain possible for any company looking to reap the benefits of reusable packaging. Save money while becoming a leader in sustainability with reusable packaging!

Our Services

On-Site and Remote Consultations

Our process starts with understanding your current packaging practices in order to provide personalized recommendations for the best available reusable packaging solutions and products. We offer remote (phone and email) reusable packing solutions consultations, and if it’s possible we’ll come to you to observe your operations and provide advice on your reusable packaging systems. 

New and Customized Reusable Containers

AIM stocks products such as new knockdown plastic bulk boxes, and can provide new reusable containers from light to heavy-duty demands in sizes, styles and weights to fit your every material handling application at the lowest prices available. We can also custom design and build containers specifically for your unique application. 

We are committed to finding the best products for you at the most competitive prices.

Refurbished Products

Our quality used and refurbished packaging products can help save you money! AIM’s complete offering of refurbished knockdown plastic bulk containers are ideal for a wide range of material handling applications. We stock in our Neenah, WI facility refurbished/used plastic knockdown bulk boxes in various sizes. 

Repair and Recycling

With repeated use and abuse, damage and wear to your reusable packaging program is inevitable. Extend the life of your containers and repair your plastic packaging and dunnage with AIM.

The repair process is accomplished in our Wisconsin warehouse with a plastic welder and welding rod made of the same material used to manufacture the container. Repairs are of considerably less cost than a new container and plastic weld repairs are actually stronger than the original surface!

AIM can keep your packaging products in top service, and we can facilitate recycling when repair is no longer an option.

AIM's Custom Reusable Packaging Containers

Our highly trained packaging specialists can design and build plastic packaging for your specific application. AIM can provide custom pallets, sleeve packs, dunnage, tray packs, and more. Read about our custom and standard vacuum forming and thermoforming, two methods that we use to create customize reusable plastic packaging for our clients.

AIM’s Full Service Container Management Has All Your Needs Covered!

Contact us to start your consultation for personalized recommendations and solutions for your reusable packaging system.
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