Let’s be honest wasted space is like throwing out money. There is a way to make your company be more efficient, save money, and ship products on time. While custom dunnage for your parts may be an initial investment it is one that you will see a return on very quickly. Most providers are not willing to put in the hours it takes to come up with a solution to “your” problem. That is where we are different. AIM will partner with you and make you more efficient. We will help you come up with a way to make the round peg fit in the round hole, don’t settle for your parts fitting “pretty good”.

Whether the custom dunnage is foam, plastic corrugated, fabric, etc AIM”S packaging engineers will develop a solution that is tailored to you. AIM will design a solution for your class “A” surfaces to machined parts keeping them in pristine condition. Be assured that your reusable packaging will be designed, engineered, and manufactured with product surface protection in mind. If your parts are in transit through the supply chain or used in work in progress applications AIM has an answer for you.

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