Why AIM Reusable Packaging Refurbished Knockdowns

AIM Reusable Packaging wants to be the partner you turn to for any reusable packaging need!  One of the more common returnables is the knockdown bulk bin. AIM Reusable Packaging invests heavily in securing refurbished knockdown bulk bins to bring value to all of our customers. There is a tremendous savings in AIM Reusable Packaging refurbished knockdown bulk bins. We ensure they all meet our high standard before any of them are considered for use. That gives you peace of mind that you are making a true investment with AIM’s knockdown bulk bins. Below is what every bin must pass before we will deliver them to you.

Before we send out any of our refurbished knockdowns they are each looked at individually. Every one of them must pass an inspection and functionality test before we will send to freight. If they are not 100% functional we will not ship them. We ensure all runners are working perfectly; either OEM runners or metal runners in the case the plastic ones are damaged. All drop doors opening/closing without any problems, this includes access doors. Make sure the base is completely fine so the user will not have any problem stacking them.

EVERY single one of the containers we ship from the Warehouse will be fully washed not just with water, but degreaser and bleach. This expense will be assumed by our company until we are COVID-19 safe.

We will please ask for patience since lead times will be expanding due to the process explained above. Please know we are here to help you through this trying time.

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